Good Vibes only

Good Vibes only

Have you heard of that phrase before? I hear it a lot on radio programs, TV shows and all over social media.  A lot of the yogis I follow also use this phrase from time to time.  I didn't make much about it, until I saw a post circulating around with a negative connotation around it.

Define: vibe

: a distinctive feeling or quality capable of being sensed
– Meriam Webster (entry 1)

Have you ever thought about why a stranger would make you feel threatened for no reason at all? Or that you're feeling happy and carefree around another person? I believe that everyone has a certain "vibe" to them.  However, I also believe that vibes change.  It's not something permanent.  As we are usually affected by different triggers, our moods (or even vibes) could change from time to time.

What I really think of it

We are complex creatures and usually driven by our emotions.  And emotions can change from different influences.  Colors, sounds, smell and taste could affect the way we feel and might in turn influence the vibe we emit.  

Personally, when I am greeted with "Good Vibes" only, I feel a little sad or shut off to some extent.  In my opinion, this shouldn't be a sign to put up in places where we seek to find comfort, or a release from stressful situations (read: for instance, a yoga studio).

What can we do?

In this light, a better perspective would be to identify what triggers certain emotions for you and try to understand the root of it.  For example, I dislike seeing scattered trash--it makes me irritable.  If I would ever walk near a stranger after this trigger, my vibe would possibly change.  I might come off as angry or irritated.  I was once meeting a merchant and then I received a surprising message on my phone.  He picked up the different vibe when I looked back at him.

We need to embrace our being subjected to different energy levels and emotions; we are made of both subtle body and physical body.  Our job as practicing yogis would be to be open minded and to be forgiving of ourselves.

When I lost my cat to a battle of pneumonia post her surgery, I became depressed.  I was angry at everything because I cannot contain my grief.  I didn't want to post anything for fear that I might come off with some other vibe other than a "good vibe".  However, later on, I realised, this is only concealing the truth of how I currently am.  I was depressed but I'm not hopeless; I'm not a negative person.  

We are beautiful regardless of our emotions.  We are made this way.  

And why should we stop going to a studio or practising yoga when we feel like we've hit rock bottom?  Yoga is there to aid us.  "Good" vibes or not.  It is our ladder back to a healthier energy vibe.  So, let's climb it! 💖